Babe Ruth Calgary Programs

Spring / Summer Program

Babe Ruth Calgary offers highly-competitive, top performing baseball, for players aged 13 - 19 years old. We are the oldest baseball club in the Calgary area with deep roots and a strong history of producing elite athletes that consistently achieve college scholarships and placements in Canada and the USA. 

Players register for the Spring/Summer season in December every year, with player evaluations being held in early February. Our coaches who are experienced, dedicated and committed, spend countless hours reviewing and undergoing a comprehensive evaluation process. 

For some players new to our league, it is a big jump from Little League programs.  Babe Ruth Calgary plays on 60ft mounds and 90ft baselines, which can be a huge difference for a new player moving into in this age group. We also offer our 54/80 Division for new players coming out of Little League which can greatly help aid in the transition to the larger diamond. Babe Ruth Calgary expects that every player will work hard to earn their field time by dedicating themselves at practice and giving 100% during games.

If playing 2-3 times per week with games during the week and on the weekends isn't enough for your athlete, we also offer our Summer Travel Team program. These travel teams undergo a separate evaluation process. The Summer Travel Teams are for those players that want to travel to tournaments in Alberta, the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the USA. They attend a variety of tournaments in the USA and of course the Babe Ruth Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament. Check out our travel teams information tab.

The biggest difference between the Club Teams and the Travel Teams is that Travel Teams - travel (go figure!)  The Travel Team program runs concurrently with Club Teams and through careful scheduling, we do not have games/tournaments overlapping between regular Club Team play and Summer Travel Team play. We have a total of four Summer Travel Teams in our organization plus our Premier Travel Teams who compete in a variety of different tournaments throughout the season.

The Spring/Summer season begins in March and April with our indoor spring training. We move outdoors at the beginning/middle of May (weather permitting). Our Club Teams continue to play their season through the first week of August. 

More info can be found in Babe Ruth League Structure under the "About Us" tab.

Travel Teams - Lots of Opportunities!

Summer Travel Teams

There are two Longhorn Travel Teams and two Blues Travel Teams that play at the AA and AAA level. These four Travel Teams play  throughout the summer months and evaluations for our Summer Travel Teams take place in May. The cost for the travel teams is separate from the Club Teams and those fees are determined each year based on the number of tournaments teams are attending.

For more information on our Summer Travel Teams, check out the infographic above.


Winter Training Program

We run our winter training program through the Diamondawgs Player Development Program headed by Miki Kawahara. This off-season training offers a unique opportunity for players to make significant adjustments to their game without having to compete, at the same time, in game situations. Players register for Diamondawgs winter training programs directly through Diamondawgs and registration is NOT done through Babe Ruth Calgary. It is our belief that winter indoor training provides players with the opportunity to develop and become well-rounded baseball players and superior athletes. Baseball training through the winter allows players to hit the diamonds in the spring with ready throwing arms and batting skills that have been honed over the winter months.

  • Academy Programs
  • Strength and Development
  • Defensive Development
  • Hitting
  • Arm Strength and Pitching
  • Catchers


Umpire Training Program

Babe Ruth Calgary runs an umpire training clinic through Baseball Alberta.  It is important to have at least some understanding of baseball, but if you're a player, alumni, parent, relative or anyone else wanting to be part of the action and learn to become an umpire, it is a great opportunity.

Umpiring games is a fantastic way to earn some extra money while participating in the game that we all love.

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Mikalishen at

Harvest League (Fall ball)

Registration for our Harvest League Fall Ball begins in August and evaluations (for new players to Babe Ruth) are held in late August.

Harvest League Fall Ball runs from early September through to mid/late October, weather permitting.




College Recruitment and Scholarships

Starting the college recruitment process may seem like a daunting task, but with the advice from Babe Ruth Calgary, it doesn’t have to be! We're here to help you from start to finish. This is an exciting time and does require a lot of work but is definitely worth it. More information about college recruiting can be found under the college recruitment tab of our website.

Babe Ruth Calgary also has a memorial scholarship program in memory of one of our players, Matt Krol. This scholarship is provided to successful applicants who are graduating and continuing on to a post secondary institution. Every year Babe Ruth Calgary awards scholarships of between $250 and a maximum of $500 each to successful applicants. More information about Babe Ruth Calgary scholarships can be found under the College Recruitment tab and also under the About Us tab.






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