Travel Team Evaluations

Babe Ruth Calgary Travel Teams

All of our Summer Travel Teams have an entry into their age specific Babe Ruth Pacific Northwest Regional tournaments, and all have the ultimate goal of winning that tournament to earn their way to the Babe Ruth World Series.

  • The U18 Premier Travel Team will play a full travel schedule (does not play within the Babe Ruth League), the U16 Premier Travel Team will play a half season within the AAA Division within our league, and then the rest of their schedule will be comprised of tournament play throughout Alberta and the US.
  • Our Summer Travel Teams are formed through an evaluation process of our Club Team (league) players. These travel teams operate concurrently with the league schedule.
  • Evaluations for Summer Travel Teams (excluding Premier Teams) start in April, with Summer Travel Team selections finishing by the end of May. This schedule allows summer travel team coaches to evaluate players through league games in addition to the evaluations process.
  • Babe Ruth Calgary operates Summer Travel Teams based upon player's age as of April 30th of that year.
    • AA Longhorns (13 year olds - 13 as of April 30th)
    • AAA Longhorns (14 year olds - 14 as of April 30th)
    • AA Blues (15-16 year olds - 15 as of April 30th)
    • AAA Blues (16-19 year old team - must be at least 16 as of April 30th, can not turn 20 within the calendar year, returning college players are eligible)
    • For more info on age restrictions, feel free to check out this Babe Ruth League Age Chart:  Babe Ruth League Age Chart
  • Once the Summer Travel Teams have been formed, each team will practice together as a group 1 night per week in addition to their regular league play.
  • Each Summer Travel Team attends 2 tournaments throughout the pacific northwest before travelling to the week long Babe Ruth Regional tournament in July. The location of the Regional tournament changes each year, but will be located somewhere within the Pacific North West region.
  • Approximate cost for travel teams is estimated to be between $1400-$1600, however final costs will be finalized each year, once team numbers are finalized.
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