BRC Scorekeeping Information

Babe Ruth Calgary uses two forms of score keeping.

  • The first, and the one that people are most familiar with is paper score keeping. Prior to the start of each season, a "paper score keeping clinic" is offered to allow parents coming from outside our organization to understand how to use the paper score keeping method that we use at Babe Ruth. This way, everyone is on the same page and we are all keeping score the exact same way. 
  • The second form of score keeping we use is an online system called Pointstreak. Pointstreak is a real-time scoring statistics system that allows us to track data, player stats etc. Just like paper score keeping, prior to each Spring Season we provide training on the Pointstreak system. Part of the volunteer requirement of Babe Ruth is score keeping, each team will keep score via paper or Pointstreak, depending if home or away. It is imperative that parents actively learn and participate in score keeping within our league.

If you are new to the Babe Ruth Calgary league, jump on board right away and learn both of our score keeping systems.